Great Expectations.

My little sister has often pointed out that teachers do not think about the future because they have job security. they tend to live paycheck to paycheck and owe every bank within a fifty Kilometer radius money. My sister of course hates no loathes the idea of teaching for a living. Fact that she was brought up by two teachers who well didn’t live paycheck to paycheck well kind of…

May because my sister has ambition or she didn’t want to get tidied down in some nameless village in middle of nowhere eastern Kenya, Where she would probably marry a teacher and take care of his 2.5 children and three scrawny “grade” cows. Or maybe its the horror of being treated in the same way she treated her teachers. Point is she doesn’t approve of teachers, generally I hope. Since, well I teach for a living and though its not life-altering my sister’s disapproval would haunt me *shiver*.

My sisters feelings have unfortunately started to ring true. The teachers strike made me realize that teachers are not financially prepared for the rainy day. I have been told that one should ensure that they have saved up money that they can survive on for 3 months in case they lost their job, that one needs to be prepared like the scouts for rain in the Kalahari.

The stories about teachers going hungry scare me. The idea that one would hang themselves over missing one months salary is terrifying. Maybe I have too much and do not understand the plight of the proletariat but the people around me make me wonder about how much I want to continue answering to “Teacher?”. Teachers are not an especially respected lot but this strike business and the salaries that have not been paid have dealt the profession a terrible blow image-wise.

images (2)

I don’t mean to judge unfairly but do we have to air our semi-clean linen outside on the brightest day of the year for everyone to see? Have teachers no pride? A salesperson in a departmental store feels so superior to a teacher that he considers hanging out with teachers a sign of his humility.                                                                                                             I do not agree with the T.S.C on withholding the teachers’ salaries but I have a quarrel with every teacher who wouldn’t stop whining about it. “I didn’t get my 60,000/= this month.” Get over it! People get fired/lose their jobs all the time without notice move on!                     I have a quarrel with teachers who did not stick with the strike and who went to school to sign forms to give the impression they were in school so they would get paid. Where is the solidarity?

I honestly believe that primary school teachers should get the salary increase and more.

images (3)

As for post primary teachers they should take a lesson in integrity and humility.


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Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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