Fixing Eugene

Women love broken, damaged men. OK maybe the correct thing to say is that they idolize them or romanticize brokenness in men. We love to fix things and make everything alright especially if they are good-looking and have that lost boy look in their eyes. Now if they are big and strong looking with bulging muscles, their brokenness becomes sexy mostly because of the little glimpses they give us of the lost boy inside and I kid you not we all want to swoop in and make everything better. He is in control of the outside but the inside is a mess. sometimes a scar a physical one of course, warns of the inner disfigurement and beautifully completes the picture. We want to heal the wounds of a negligent mother an absentee father and an unsympathetic world. We believe our love can heal all if only the obstinate man would take it or at least notice it.

So where is all this coming from you ask. Well I read Beauty and the Billionaire and it got me thinking. Story revolves around a man with some disfiguring scars one on his face who believes he will never find love and the woman he can’t live without. She can’t believe that he doesn’t know that her affection is real, that he is worthy of it blah blah blah {it is a well written book by the way, not as predictable} Most of the romance novels I have read lately are about women saving men with their love. Changing them, the player who now only cares for one woman, the angry fellow who can’t stop smiling, the alcoholic who quits drinking, the workaholic who now only cares for Her happiness not the million dollar deal…. the list goes on.

Women want to change men. We want them to want the things we want usually us. Mostly we want them to be our ideal man. If he is tall and rich he needs to talk a little more to us. If he is a tattooed lout he needs to get a job fix is life and buy a house. We women want love to conquer all, our love to renew and transform, to build and shape or maybe its that man’s love for the lady. Its odd that this love doesn’t cause us to lower our expectations. Or make them change to something the men might be more comfortable with. For instance they could get an extra job to keep busy or take up drinking ok maybe I took it too far.

Maybe what we really want is devotion. Its also probable we want eternal gratitude from someone whose life we changed. My ideal man only cares about me and my happiness ok our happiness. But is this desire selfish or is it that the only way men can find salvation is through the life transforming love of “a good woman”. Or is it the only way one can get the complete devotion of a man by changing who he is or at least a few of the things he believes and are involved in.

There is only one thing I am completely sure about is that almost  every woman would do anything for the undivided, unquestionable devotion and love of a good man. Even change said man.


About karrymi

Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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