Your Standards Your Life

We all love to be right. Well I love to being right. I am a teacher, we live for knowing everything, at least in my experience. It feels awesome to be right about the horrible way things are going to turn out when people don’t listen to your oh! so wise self. It is not like I wish my students ill, no at all, but if you have lived with teenagers they can drive you out of your mind especially. They are young and you are in the way, what could you possibly know. Always around with words of caution and poorly veiled threats of doom. You wouldn’t want someone telling you to live your life, right? Of course teenagers don’t like it either. You being all up in their business. So when I am right about  consequences of behavior I have cautioned against I cant help the “I told you so”.

We all have standards that we measure right and wrong. Anything below these, well is wrong, unacceptable, repugnant (give me a minute to consult my thesaurus) detestable, infelicitous,unfitting, improper… you follow? We are proud of these standards and more often than not hold others to the same. We judge others for not dressing, talking, believing and even feeling as we do. We look down on them and avoid their society. They don’t fit in with us. We are religious they are not. We are straight they are not or at least judging from the cut of their coats they can’t possibly be as straight  we are.

I have standards too. I do not make friends with every living being. I would not marrying myself (as some lady did) or my cat Eugene that”s just sad and desperate. I think it’s OK to be prejudiced, to me its normal maybe because I am prejudiced and judgmental and not very likely to find fault with myself.

Still it bothers me when people apply standards they do not hold themselves to others. You cannot ask people to give what you have trouble giving. I believe in expecting from others what they can comfortably expect from me. If I cannot give you money when you need it I do not expect you to give me money. If I believe it is wrong for a police officer to take a bribe then it is wrong for me to receive money in order to assist a student to cheat in an exam.

It irritates me when a philanderer of the highest degree is the first to throw  the first metaphorical stone at a gay person. Your wife and children barely have enough to eat because you can’t help spending on every lady within a 20 Km radius  but you want to call the gay community immoral and discuss “laws” and your “culture”. What gives you the right? You barely have clothes to wear because well you love to have “a beer” with friends but you want to criticize my priest for the wine at his dinner table. You beat your wife daily but you want to call Islam barbaric or backward because of the Hijab. You desire to champion the rights of women. Even if the Hijab were forced on the Muslim woman she has not gone hungry, does not have broken ribs and all her co-wives are known to her. Can you say the same of your wife?

My point is if you want to hold others to a moral, behavioral, religious standard make sure you can be held to it. Like Jesus said remove the log in your eye before you can help your friends with the speck of dust in theirs.


About karrymi

Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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One Response to Your Standards Your Life

  1. makenajoy8 says:

    Good piece. I am a bit judgy though…


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