Love, horses and blue-eyed cowboys

I hate music videos. (I know, awesome introduction)

I… maybe its the endless array of half-clothed ladies shaking bits of their bodies at you instead of each others hands and the ever-present leering men. Sometimes it’s man but that is no better. I have yet to understand the real point of the ladies and their barely there shorts. They don’t sing I can bet you my last Shilling they can’t and they smile like being objectified is the best thing since sliced bread or the scissors they used to cut out the shorts. (Insert violent gesture)

I digress. I hate music videos,not just the ones criticized above, maybe because art that doesn’t appeal to the soul is pointless. Or maybe I am just a romantic because I want someone to sell me a dream not the reality of some redlight district (is that correct). Maybe I want a song about love or some other value something good something sweet.

This is probably the reason this music video hater can’t say no to a country song video. Am not saying they are all perfect but they are the only ones I can watch without throwing something. Maybe its the blue-eyed country boys (heard the song “girls love a country boy”) Maybe its because they always involve a truck usually “mine” and beat up, Mama (I love people who appreciate their mother in a healthy way) and a good beer (now what could be better after a hard day’s work).

The videos and the songs suggest roots, home, where you are always welcome and things stay the same and they always have deep fried chicken and an extra pair of workworn jeans that fits…

Dont say it. I will, I love country music videos coz am a romantic. Probably the reason I read Western contemporary romance.  Don’t burst my bubble I love the people and the life in this one.


About karrymi

Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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2 Responses to Love, horses and blue-eyed cowboys

  1. makenajoy8 says:

    It’s true about the music videos… Nice piece.


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