Well of course that’s not my neighbor John but they are so cute bless Shutterstock.
I know this post is called motherhood so as you deduced we are taking the long route home.


I am reading that but my interest was the cute picture. Adorable, right? Me I want all of that. I mean an adorable husband and child, gender not an issue as long as its a girl lol… Today I have heard a lot of the “I want a child” brigade play. And maybe am rarely honest about my feelings but I know for a fact truth is carthartic.  So here it is…

I want a child, a little adorable bundle of joy but I want a husband with it. A willing husband, not a “now that you are pregnant” husband who “perseveres” “tolerates” because “that’s whats a good man does”.
I dont want to trap an unsuspecting man into fatherhood so I can be ‘mother’ like other women. No. I want a man who loves and wants to be with me to have a baby with me and raise it together.

Maybe am a little cynical, maybe I dont believe a blood and flesh dude can love anyone but himself. But am a girl, well woman and I want the fairy tale. I want forever, to love and to hold blah blah till death or the rapture do us part.

I want a man who will tell me that everything is going to be ok when am feeling defeated and tearful; who will be strong for me. Who will understand my tears and consider them valid and not a cry for attention.  A man who will comfort my children and not yell at them because he wouldn’t be bothered with their troubles…

A man who listens and replies, who is interested in spending time with me and laughing with me, because I love to laugh and talk… I know am not perfect but I must have lived long, helped someone enough to deserve the devotion of a husband. One who is not miles away who comes home everyday and teaches my children how to ride bikes and be honourable.. *sigh* Does this make sense, because its what I want…

Love and beautiful children and a large dog… I dont want to settle because “at my age…” I want love, God I do. I want security and safety and nothing gives than the knowledge that you are loved and wanted and that at the end of the day someone will want to know how my day was not when you will start making supper and why that child wouldn’t stop crying…

So yes I read romance novels and I want the hero who works hard, loves me like I love him and comes homes to play with baby while I fix dinner.


Is that wrong?


About karrymi

Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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