Missing Girl balls

Someone called me ancient and something else basically to mean am not in with the programme. Reason? My facial expression suggested I didn’t think much of the new nail thing they were doing. It was like I was in one of those mean girls movies for a moment. In the movie I probably would have started a cat fight which I would have lost *sigh*.

Thing is the tantrum this kind person threw was unwarranted. This person didn’t know what I was thinking and… why the insults. Sure they might have been having a bad day but why the fit. Truth be told I was thinking it didn’t look neat you know, like them. But my main thought was why the barbie doll was going goth. Totally not them.

I felt hurt because the paragraph used to make the point was unfair, whatever I might have been thinking I didnt deserve it. Maybe am still a little pissed. I did let it slide. Unlike the movie people.

The point here is I have been wondering whether I a door-mat type. As in am I willing to let people walk all over me to keep the peace? Am I mistaking wussiness for understanding? You know am willing to allow a person to insult me because they are having a bad day while I sit  placidly, smilling sheepishly.  I believe even when I had really mean things to say I didn’t because I thought it wasn’t right. When I did say a mean thing I apologized. Not my best apology but apology none the less. So isn’t it ok for me to expect the same?

I hate confrontation, many people do, but am not sure the way I react is appropriate for healthy relationships. Think, am worried that person might see this and get angry and desire to have a conversation if you know what I mean. Wuss right? *facepalm*

I fear that I lack girl balls.


About karrymi

Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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