The religious “Coming Out” party

I am angered by the Al Shabaab. One would say my reaction is carnal and am letting the flesh lead. Problem is all I see on t.v is the pain and the sorrow of those who have lost loved ones to Al Shabaab.

Lets get this clear am a Christian how good, well, only God knows for sure. Something has been bothering me about this whole youths influenced into Al Shabaab via social media thing. Its a nice way to wash the blame off as society and specifically as parents, its facebook its twitter not our absentee parenting… ‘No the internet *insert a lot of righteous indignation here*.’

We bring up kids in a religious society. One where self-righteous brethren are two cents a kilo. But few parents provide any religious education or guidance. Think how long say as a christian you have thought the bible says “God helps those who help themselves”.
How many times have you used that to justify lies or thefts?

Our biggest problem is that we believe in something that we choose to know nothing about. We pick a piece of the book and beat a few gay people. We find another part of the book and stone a woman who committed some serious solo adultery. We completely forget that we have committed many sins ourselves, that we are not good enough to judge. But from what we have heard our religion says those things are *spicy righteous indignation* SINFUL!!! *groping for larger stones*

As a parent its wrong to blame the world when you take no responsibility over the seed of religion you planted in your child. Here is the thing when you know not where you are going any road and any person can take you there. How often do you read the bible or the quran with your son? How often do remind him to read it and read other religious books?  Do you leave it to the world to teach him whatever it sees fit? The Bible in Hosea 4:6 ‘my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.’ (NIV)  Muhammad said “seek for knowledge from cradle to the grave” he also emphasized the value of study “The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr”.
It is important for the children to learn and not  blindly believe.  That way they have some ground to stand on when someone tells them to blow up their classmates or shoot up a bunch of people because they dont believe like they do. Blind faith is more dangerous than no faith.

Say you are more open to science and decide to be atheist or such like bear in mind that the world is not quiet. On what grounds will your daughter defend herself when I tell her about heaven and suggest some elaborate scheme that ends in mass suicide?

It is good to have faith its good for your mental and physical health. It is nice to attend church, say our prayers daily. But we are doomed if we do not question/seek to understand but simply follow because the preacher is always right. There is a reason why God gave each person a brain, he could have given us a collective brain but he didnt. It means He expected us to think for ourselves.

It is sad that we are not interested in teaching the children the dictates of the religion or reasons for the absence of religion in their lives. So that they are able to make informed choices when a religious snake oil salesman is making his pitch. Instead when they join Al Shabaab or Isis we act surprised just like when they get pregnant at 15, although this time instead of bringing life into the world they will be taking it.

We have said that Islam is violent but look at Christianity take a good look at David and the Israelites… Who is violent now? Problem is because we are ignorant of the principles, ideals within our religions, we do not do not teach the word of God to our children so  any crazy/radical idea sold by smooth tongued fellow is taken as gospel truth.

Read the holy books with your children show them that both Christianity and Islam are religions of love peace and consideration of the neighbour believer or not.

P.S: It is not my desire to criticize any parent, raising children is hard especially in this day and age. My aim is to challenge you even after a busy day of back breaking work to take time and read the word of God to or with your children. It will bring you closer to them and even to God.


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Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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