Retarded Genius

Kenya is a beautiful country, green hills and white sandy beaches ( emphasis on white). So as a tourist from God knows where all we want is for you to see what a lovely place we live in so come enjoy a slice of paradise because after our forced “civilization” by the lovely British people our former knee-jerk reaction to strangers has been taken care of and therefore you will be safe. Please come, see these lovely african things you could enjoy and we promise you wouldn’t get Ebola (less you bring it with you) or get kidnapped/shot by Alshabaab terrorists… we took care of that because we are quick learners and if Americans and George Bush have taught us anything….

Am not against brand Kenya I love Brand Kenya for one I live in it and I love tourists because of all the money they bring and the random .5. And if you are a tourist of whatever race please come but dont wander off our lions have never bowed to British rules of decorum and our lovely neighbors are for lack of a better word a bit war-like.

Now am lost and by the time I make my point you will have stopped reading. Please dont stop I am slow (oh dear) but I will get there.

Anyway so what concerns me is the offered security for tourists is not available for ordinary citizen. We invite a bunch of people to this country say we will keep them safe but the citizen lives in fear. Is the problem that we are too concerned about money and teacher Karrymi (I am a teacher) contributes too litle the GDP that she can be dismissed as collateral damage?

Or is Islam such an intolerant religion that they feel murdering future/probable muslims is the way to go? Is the Al shabaab just a group of indoctrinated youths as my parents think or is that intolerance and savagery what makes Islam?
I of course have a few emotion loaded solutions to the Al shabaab problem all of which would have me sent to a mental institution. But I kinda feel Bush and Shaka Zulu would agree with and maybe Napoleon.
Or is it the people in charge of security are too busy writing their “we are after them” press briefs for next time? Todays paper SundayNation notes the words of a passenger “the police didn’t show up for fear of an ambush”. If we are to take this gospel truth. I can be assured that if Al Shabaab captures me I better have the expendables on speed dial -oh that’s just a movie-

I can’t say with authority that somebody should have seen these people come in or that the police could have responded in time to kill an Al shabaab guy or at most save some people. But will we listen to lenku tell us how he is chasing terrorists and murderers and never catching anybody.

Or do we need to all buy a Koran and memorize some verses in case we get kidnapped because we can be sure that the police will probably not show up and the Al Shabaab will make their point. Then, the KDF will destroy a hypothetical village full of terrorists who will be back next week for more “you arethe weakest link. Koran edition”

Lenku maybe you call me and I suggest some of my Nazi Germany solutions eh?!?

Anyway dear tourist we may be having terrorists trouble but come on you haveĀ  had a neighbor with naughty children. So for Brand Kenya come see the African things you will really like *wink wink*

From a place of love


About karrymi

Life is about faith, I have faith, that something good is going to happen. Also cowboys and country songs make me wanna be in love, and sit on some old truck and watch the stars play my favourite song...
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